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ICANNToday ICANN, the group in charge of administering top level domains (TLDs) has announced the applications for new extensions. There are some 1930 new ones, and they include some notable to foodservice and interior design professionals.

Notable new TLD applications include .KITCHEN and .DESIGN

Just Goodbye, LLC has applied for .KITCHEN and if all goes well, should be allowing registrations by 2013, according to one domain industry expert .KITCHEN domain names would seem to be a play to register domains to companies in the kitchen remodel and kitchen design industry.

“I think it’s likely that the premium domains held back by the registry, and not allowed to be registered would include strings like,,,,, and the like”, says industry investor Mike Ward. “We can expect to see these auctioned off at some future date – this is a model with considerable precedent.”

As part of the business plan for new TLD launches, registries (the company that administers the domain) will typically hold back hundreds of the best strings instead of allowing them to be registered at the normal prices, according to Ward. These premium domains can bring in significant revenue in years 2 and 3 after the successful adoption of the TLD. But holding back too many means not enough great domains available for people to register in the first place.

The new TLD .DESIGN is in a different situation. “Four companies have applied for .DESIGN, and I suspect they’ll be actively trying to negotiate a deal to jointly administer the domain, or for one or more to buy out the others.” says Ward. That could mean big delays, it could even mean lawsuits delaying the availability of this TLD for the foreseeable future.

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