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It’s already hot and I’ve been feeling really lazy lately but I wanted to quickly post some recent recalls. The first is for a chest freezer. While these are usually placed in the garage for extra storage a potential fire hazard deems it worthy of a mention.

Haier America is recalling about 41,000 chest freezers manufactured in China under their name and the”Black and Decker” name due to a faulty circuit board. The board can overheat and potentially cause a fire. This recall is an expansion of an earlier recall in November 2010.

Haier  Recall Chest Freezers

If you own one of these freezers, try to find a place to store the freezer’s contents so you can unplug it as soon as possible. Call Haier America; toll-free at (877) 878-7579 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET to schedule your free repair.

The next recall comes from one of my favorite lighting manufacturers. Currey and Company is recalling 10 models of chandeliers manufactured by YQF Lighting Manufacturer Co, LTD, of China due to defective wiring that could potentially shock you when trying to change a light bulb.

At this time, there are no reported incidents of electrical shock to consumers, however the hazard exists. If you have the following fixtures, you should disconnect the power and contact Currey and Company for a free replacement or repair toll-free at 877-617-1032 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET or send them an email at:

Check the canopy label to see if your model is part of the recall. Most chandeliers are 21″ wide and 55″ high and were sold between  January 2010 and February 2013.

Currey and Co.  recall

recall chandelier 9155 | Kitchann Style

recall chandelier 9062  | Kitchann

recall chandelier 9064  | Kitchann style

recall chandelier 9150  | Kitchann style

PostHeaderIcon How To Design A Kitchen – Kelly’s Kitchen Renovation

The design of a kitchen is not just about choosing where to place cabinetry and appliances and then filling in the blanks. Actually, there are many, homeowners and pros alike, who attempt to make the design of a kitchen a simple affair in favor of speed to quickly move forward on the project. But, it shouldn't be that way. 

When I design a kitchen, I don't plan around any one element first, such as cabinetry, appliances, countertop space, other storage, windows, dining area or traffic flow, allowing one single element to drive the rest. Each of these elements mentioned are not only important, but critical to consider nearly equally with one another. What that means is that all elements must be considered at the same time! Really!

So, it becomes an exercise in: "if this, then that" over and over again. That's where the vision comes in - to quickly and frequently look at the "big picture" in different ways and evaluate it objectively. I love the initial chaos of it all! You're actually in limbo for a little while. It starts by my doing a number of floorplans for comparison purposes. Autokitchen renderings brought the kitchen to life throughout the process. Don't miss many universal tips in the solutions entries below - that's where the answers lie!

This approach becomes more intense when I am designing a small kitchen, such as Kelly's. There is no room for error! Following is my thought process on designing Kelly's kitchen, just below. You will see that some solutions are repetitive - that's because some solutions killed two birds with one stone (what a saying!) 

  • Storage: Kelly would kill me if she ended up with less storage (and she kept asking me if she would) so storage played a big role. However, the boring, unattractive upper wall cabinets and base cabinets were visually intrusive and too "kitcheny" not to mention depressing so those had to go. Somehow storage had to be equally beautiful and ample AND far less intrusive to the eye.
  • Solution: I designed a pantry into the plan, I encouraged Kelly to evaluate what she really needed in her existing cabinetry, we utilized a very cool backsplash rail system for utensils, and I designed ample drawer storage for serveware and cookware into the floorplan. Cabinetry was dramatically reconfigured AND beautiful!
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PostHeaderIcon Exotic Granite

I bet you could guess the name of this exotic granite by its unique pattern.

Blue Turtle | KitchAnn Style

Turtle Blue  | Kitchen Studio of Naple

If you guessed Turtle, you’d be right.  Turtle Blue  is from Brazil and is Blue and Green in color.  It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Small installations are not ideal since you will lose its unique pattern. Another stone from the Middle east is called Turtle Green but it looks nothing like this gem.

turtle | Kitchen Studio of Naples

Turtle Blue  | Kitchen Studio of Naples

PostHeaderIcon Viking Auction to benefit NBCF

Viking Range has teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to auction of a pink Viking D3 range and pink Viking D3 ventilation hood in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of the proceeds goes to the NBCF.

pink viking range & hood | KitchAnn Style

The winner of this Ebay auction will have their choice of a Viking D3 gas or electric 30″W. range and a 30″W. ventilation hood in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  If you don’t like Pink, Viking does have other finish options.

The Ebay auction ends on October 25, 2012 – so Bid soon!

PostHeaderIcon THG CuisineTraditionelle

THG has introduced a new line of traditional faucets for their Cuisine  kitchen series named Traditionelle.

THG’s new kitchen faucets are every bit as detailed and defined in their construction as the brand’s upscale collections for the bath that we’ve all come to love. Finish offerings include polished chrome, matte nickel and bronze.

In honor of its bath namesake modeled after the Belle Époque, THG’s 1900 features either a curved, high spout with embellished detailing and cross handles or a straight extendable spout.THG 1900 | KitchAnn Style

The Provencal-inspired, deck-mounted Bastide has the curved spout of what I have come to think of as the typical french country faucet. The porcelain lever makes one-handed operation effortless.

THG Bastide | KitchAnn Style

The Alliance faucet is described as having nautical overtones. I think the deck-mounted version looks like a bar tap but I am a big fan of the wall-mounted style.

THG Alliance | KitchAnn Style_

The Montmartre, named in honor of the most revered areas of Paris that was home to Impressionists, is a traditional faucet with a little twist added to the styling. It features an embellished on top with a more linear spout and has a more classically-inspired finial.

THG Montmartre | KitchAnn Style_

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PostHeaderIcon Bronze Finishes Choices for Decorative Hardware

I’ve been holding onto this idea for a post for a while but with Olympic Fever Spreading it seems like a good time to mention that Hardware manufacturer Amerock wins a Gold Medal for their new Bronze Finishes.


Amerock describes this finish as the perfect blend of both Silver and Gold Tones. I think this finish exudes energy and looks great on the contemporary stylings of Essential’Z and Arrondi Bath Collection.


The new Caramel Bronze finish is decadent. It’s Bold yet gives a rustic nod to its rustic roots. It is available exclusively in the Candler, Extensity and the Clarendon Bath collections.


While this finish is not exactly new, it is now available on the new Mulholland Collection. The large appliance pull options from this collection are especially nice.

KitchAnn Style Mulholland Hardware

I hope all of you have a wonderful 4th of July! I’ll be watching the parade and fireworks in downtown Naples.

Best,  Ann Porter, CKD

PostHeaderIcon Plumbing Recall: Flushmate III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System

Flushmate, a division of Sloan Valve Company, is voluntarily recalling Flushmate III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System Due to impact and laceration hazards. Over 2 million units in the US and Canada are affected by this massive recall.

The Flushing system has had 304 reports of the system bursting (YIKES) and causing property damage and personal injury. The system can burst near the weld where the pressure is stored. Because of the potential for the tank to shatter you should turn off your water supply to the toilet immediately.

These recalled Flushmate III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System were manufactured from October 1997 thru February 2008. The date code/serial number is 16 characters long and is located on the label on the top of the Flushmate III. The first six numerals of the serial number are the date code. The date code range for this recall begins with 101497 (October 14, 1997) and continues through 022908 (February 29, 2008).

Some of the manufacturers who used these systems in their toilets are: American Standard, Crane, Eljer, Gerber, Kohler, Mansfield and St. Thomas.

If your Flush III system is part of the recall or if you are unsure, contact Flushmate on the Recall Hotline  at (800) 303-5123 between 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday. A free repair kit will be sent out to you.

KitchAnn style plumbing recall

If you experienced any injuries, the CPSC wants to hear your report. Contact them at or call their Hotline at (800) 638-2772.

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PostHeaderIcon Frigidaire Gas Range Recalled

If you bought a Frigidaire Gas Range from Lowes you will want to keep reading this recall announcement.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall for self-clean gas ranges  manufactured by Frigidaire and sold at Lowes from February through March 2012. The model number for this recall is # LGGF3043KFM with serial numbers within the following range: VF20457216 to VF20457555.

The recall was posted due to a delayed ignition on the bake/broil features of the oven which can cause a fire hazard. If you have an affected range you should stop using it an contact Frigidaire for a FREE inspection and free in-home repair if necessary.

To contact Frigidaire, call toll free at (888) 360-8556 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s website at

KitchAnn Style Appliance Recall Announcement for Frigidaire

PostHeaderIcon new top level domains – .KITCHEN and .DESIGN

ICANNToday ICANN, the group in charge of administering top level domains (TLDs) has announced the applications for new extensions. There are some 1930 new ones, and they include some notable to foodservice and interior design professionals.

Notable new TLD applications include .KITCHEN and .DESIGN

Just Goodbye, LLC has applied for .KITCHEN and if all goes well, should be allowing registrations by 2013, according to one domain industry expert .KITCHEN domain names would seem to be a play to register domains to companies in the kitchen remodel and kitchen design industry.

“I think it’s likely that the premium domains held back by the registry, and not allowed to be registered would include strings like,,,,, and the like”, says industry investor Mike Ward. “We can expect to see these auctioned off at some future date – this is a model with considerable precedent.”
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PostHeaderIcon Crossville Tile – Kitchen Luxe

Crossville Tile invited me to view their tile in the kitchen of a fabulous designer showhouse, designed by Ulrich Kitchens, deep in the (highly desirable, trust me) woods in New Jersey. The show home, "Hidden Acres Estate" is part of the Traditional Home 2012 National Showhouse Tour. 

I don't normally associate Crossville tile with being a luxury tile brand, so it was with a good dose of curiosity that I attended this small but prestigious event.

While I love quality and I love beautiful things, I am always open to good design whatever the cost. Good design does not need to be expensive. Creativity does not need to come with a large price tag. Good design comes by way of making smart design choices regardless of cost (in this case, being open to lower cost products) and being a snob about seeking "the best" in every product or material is not always best for the design.

Sometimes more is less and usually, less is more. So, I'm a designer who has adopted an openness to a high/low price strategy in my design projects and particularly in my home long before the concept made an impact in design publications online and in print. I don't look down at it, I applaud it. Geez, this turned out to be a policy piece! Now for the pretty pictures! Comments below...

Below: I do like the strong continuity of the horizontal lines, but I think I would have brought the upper line up and around, then down, inside the hood section while leaving the lower horizontal line as is. The inside could be left as is or designed with another motif of some sort, tile or a decorative object(s) hung in that spot. 

Below: I do love the white grout used in the mosaic tile. This appears as a classic look and it's a smart design choice to use this middle shade of gold/brown which looks great with the granite and cabinetry. Charming!

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